Energise 2020

11-13 February 2020 | The Park, Hyderabad, India


India’s energy consumption is set to grow faster than that of any other major economy, and the country is to overtake China as the largest-growing market for energy by the end of the 2020s. India is projected to have the world’s largest population by 2024 and with one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and also the youngest population, India is moving towards an intentional energy transition, from primarily fossil fuels, to an evolved future of energy efficiency. The Government of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has underscored the exceptional importance for a successful global energy transition to ensure the achievement of the long-term targets of the Paris Agreement as well as the SDGs in 2030 on several occasions. The government has also surged ahead with bilateral and multilateral cooperation on energy efficiency, renewables, and International Climate initiatives.

But to make this commitment to substantial action and mission, in the face of a Global Climate Emergency, there is an urgent need to create necessary frameworks that require evidence-based research and development. Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy works in energy efficiency and demand-side management and recognizes that there are several ways by which a difference can be made in the lives of people right from adopting greener homes, doubling farmers income to behavioural changes. And we stay committed to achieving that task with Energise 2020.

Energise 2020

ENERGISE 2020 is India’s signature biennial conclave that brings together the key government agencies, business leaders, researchers, academicians, civil society organizations and relevant stakeholders on one platform to help build a culture of energy efficiency in India. We at Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy perceive energy efficiency as a resource and first fuel.

This 3-day flagship conclave studies the best practices and successes of today through white paper presentations. You can expect paper presentations on business leadership, innovation, policy evaluation, within the context of emerging trends and technologies of tomorrow, to scale up benefits of energy efficiency well into the future years on core thematic areas

  • Buildings and Communities
  • Urban Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Energy Efficiency for Business Competitiveness.

Further, there will also be dedicated Exhibition & Techno Buzz setup for the Original Equipment Manufacturers, Technology and Service Providers, Startups, System Integrators and other stakeholders from the energy efficiency domain to showcase their unique offerings.

Finally, breakaway sessions at Energise 2020 will have opportunities for side events by government and government affiliates, domestic and international foundations.

Join the conclave to positively contribute to India’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals.

Purpose for Energise 2020

  • Discussions on research, emerging technologies, business models, policies, market transformation.
  • Accelerate culture of energy efficiency in India.
  • Seek innovative and disruptive solutions to enhance energy efficiency market potential.
  • Innovation and incubation of new ideas, to support India’s climate change commitment.