Inspire 2017

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27th Nov – 1st Dec, 2017 | Jaipur, Rajasthan

INSPIRE 2017 is India’s signature, first time ever, Energy Efficiency event, bringing together various policy makers, innovators, financiers, influencers and stakeholders to showcase best practices in transformative policies, large scale implementation, financing models and high-impact research initiatives from India and across the globe. INSPIRE 2017 is an International Conference Showcasing Innovation and Implementation Best Practices in Energy Efficiency Technologies, Policies and Financing. This flagship conference for the energy efficiency community offers a platform where discussions on energy efficiency policies, market transformation strategies, emerging technologies, delivery and business-model driven transformations can occur within an analytical framework facilitated by professional papers and thought-provoking dialogue. The 5-day confluence of global and national thought-leaders and implementers is designed to expand perspectives on energy efficiency and spur ideas and solutions that will help leverage the full potential of energy efficiency and bring its multiple co-benefits to the fore.